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Chubby is a member of Equity, the Professional Actors Union and abide's with the Equity Children's Entertainer Code of Conduct as shown below.

It is important to note that entertainers are not employed as child minders and WILL ONLY WORK when there is a responsible adult present.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that this condition is met.

Equity Children's Entertainer Code of Conduct

Every entertainer has signed up to the following Code of Conduct

The Equity Children's Entertainer will be:

Reliable:  Be there at the prescribed time/place.

Offer a written confirmation (where practical) so the booker will be in no doubt.

Of children and the craft of entertaining them.

By insisting that there is a responsible adult present when the entertainer is working.

Sensitive, flexible and adaptable: 
To fit a variety of audience types and complete the job satisfactorily.

With good quality, well maintained props and Public Liability Insurance to £10million (automatic with Equity membership)

Value for money: 
With responsible, fair rates and terms.

Committed to delivery of a good service as this is a career and a vocation not a hobby.

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